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  • Pruning – Cutter Blocks

    Pruning – Cutter Blocks

    A RANGE OF ADAPTABLE CUTTER BLOCKS ON PRUNERS TO SATISFY ALL REQUIREMENTS. Trimming with COUP'ECO cutter blocks ensures:  The preservation of the framework of life, Drying of slippery roads, Welcoming wild vegetation, The effect of the quality of surface water, Ground protection against erosion, Better light penetration, Reinforcement of hedges.

  • The Galax Range

    The Galax Range

    An exclusive range of hedge trimmers designed for ornamental hedges trimming. The Galax range is perfectly suited for all public and private applications, landscapers, public authorities, parks and stately houses, etc. It gives a precise and top-quality trim.

  • The Meteor Range

    The Meteor Range

    Reliability, performance, cost profitability. The Meteor range – a range of cutting equipment specially designed for activities at great height and large cutting capacities. It adapts to different equipment types such as telescopic carriers, mechanical excavators, front loaders, etc. It gives a precise and high-quality trim.

  • The Cosmos Range

    The Cosmos Range

    A front-line concept, proven a proven profitability, versatility. The Cosmos range – a range of new machines for pruning all fruit trees, specially adapted for the configuration of each orchard. The Cosmos range is a trimming concept to improve production costs.