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  • Tillage RootMax - Cover Crop Ryegrass

    Tillage RootMax - Cover Crop Ryegrass

    Uniform Stand Maturity for Easier Control and Dense Root System. Tillage RootMax Annual Ryegrass is an annual ryegrass screened and selected for cover crop use because of its winter-hardiness and rooting depth. Seed certification, assuring the purity of the seed, makes this selection easier to kill because as a single variety, it has uniform growth. Because of its later maturity, growers have an extra 1 1/2 weeks to terminate it in the spring, when...

  • Tillage Sunn - Warm Season Legume

    Tillage Sunn - Warm Season Legume

    Tillage Sunn is an outstanding cover crop for producing larger amounts of biomass and living cover through warmer conditions. In some areas in the south, Tillage Sunn planted at higher populations and narrow plant spacing has suppressed late season Palmer Amaranth and other weeds. It can be rolled down to provide a matte that will help prolong weed suppression.

  • CCS Phacelia - Cool Season Non-Legumes

    CCS Phacelia - Cool Season Non-Legumes

    This unique cover crop species is very popular in Europe, where we found it in wide use. It features a very intense soil conditioning effect in the top two inches of soil. While not a deep tiller in terms of root depth, it is one of the best soil improvers we've seen in terms of its ability to aggregate soil particles into the type of crumbly aggregate structure that is typical of high quality soils. CCS Phacelia is best used in mixes at a rate of...

  • Tillage Radish - Cover Crop

    Tillage Radish - Cover Crop

    Sometimes referred to by cheap imitators, Tillage Radish® is the only cover crop radish proven to boost crop yields while delivering other measurable soil benefits while avoiding many problems traditionally associated with cover crops. Tillage Radish may be the single most beneficial cover crop ever developed.Over 10 years of university research and on-farm testing prove the remarkable facts. When Tillage Radish is used as a cover crop ahead of...

  • TillageMax - Model INDY Mix - Mixes

    TillageMax - Model INDY Mix - Mixes

    TillageMax INDY combines CCS Crimson Clover with two fall N scavengers – Tillage Radish and Tillage RootMax in this mix. The cool season growth and combination of the rooting types lead to great fall and spring nitrogen uptake, reducing nitrogen losses over the winter and in early spring. TillageMax INDY is a good choice when seeking nutrient capture, nitrogen fixation and slower nutrient release in the spring to prevent early leaching losses....

  • TillageMax Daytona - Model CCS - Crimson Clover

    TillageMax Daytona - Model CCS - Crimson Clover

    Excellent N Scavenging and Fertilizer Reduction. The high performance DAYTONA mix delivers benefits of Tillage Radish, the only proven yield-boosting cover crop radish, and absorbs soil nitrogen and other key nutrients with its unique taproot that grows 30” and deeper. CCS Crimson Clover converts atmospheric nitrogen into plant available nitrogen, helping reduce fertilizer input while improving soil health by adding organic matter. Maximum N is...

  • CCS Winter Pea - Cool Season Legumes

    CCS Winter Pea - Cool Season Legumes

    CCS Winter Pea has been recently developed for exceptionally good winter hardiness, and is known for being highly palatable to livestock as winter forage. Its advantages are availability, fast germination and good biomass addition to soil. CCS Winter Pea can be planted in fall as a cover crop, or in spring for forage, and contributes heavily to biomass when terminated. CCS Winter Pea provides good weed suppression and is cost effective.