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  • Model TP-46 - Planters

    Model TP-46 - Planters

    The TP-46 features a time tested design that is both simple to operate and to maintain. This planter has proven itself as a true 'work horse.' The TP-46 is available with or without the cotton planting attachment. For planting all other seeds three optional grain attachments are available.

  • Model TP-3A & TP-6A - Side Dresser

    Model TP-3A & TP-6A - Side Dresser

    Sturdy and efficient, the Covington two-row Side Dresser mounts quickly and easily on a cultivator frame. Vibrator pan handles hard, lumpy fertilizer at any distribution speed. Spout spacing is available for any normal width rows.

  • Model TP-61 - Planters

    Model TP-61 - Planters

    The TP-61 features a rotary type distributor which is independently ground driven for consistent flow of fertilizer. Quick removal of the planters (2 bolts) leaves this fertilizer attachment in place for side dressing crops as they are cultivated. Planters handle seeds gently using inclined plates at speeds up to 6 mph (with Seedmaster Duplex Grain Attachment).The TP-61 Planter is easy to set up and operate. It beds, plants and fertilizes in one...

  • Model TP-68 - Toolbar Mounted Planter

    Model TP-68 - Toolbar Mounted Planter

    The TP-68 is a toolbar-mounted planter with parallel linkage flotation for following uneven terrain. Quick depth adjustment by moving a spring loaded pin, makes it the farmers 'friend'. The TP-68 is available in a close-row model (MD3R shown) which places seeds in parallel rows 9' apart. Research at Alabama University Experiment Station. Headland Alabama, has shown an increase in peanut yields of about 10% when using the close-row spacing vs....

  • 1 Row Planting Unit

    1 Row Planting Unit

    Our 1 Row Planting Unit is sold in a complete package ready to go to the field and includes one of our TP46 planters mounted on a cultivator with five rigid shanks. The planting unit matches the lasting quality of Covington's line of planters, for garden and multi-purpose single row planting.