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  • Comfort Zone

  • Wisconsin Lying Box

    Wisconsin Lying Box

    One of the essential parts of the Comfort Zone is the Wisconsin lying box. This new design in lying boxes has been put together in such a way the cow almost does not touch it. The position of the neck rail is higher than usual and thanks to the unique patented fixing to the floor there is a 180° of completely free headroom. This will make the cow enter the lying box without any problems and it will lie down quickly. It can without further thinking...

  • Pasture Mat

    Pasture Mat

    THE FIRST COW MATTRESS IN THE WORLD – AND STILL THE BEST The Pasture Mat cow mattress is an essential component of The Comfort Zone. The Pasture Mat can rightfully be called the most successful cow mattress. Every day, over 3 million cows across the globe experience the natural feeling given by the Pasture Mat. The Pasture Mat consists of various components. The first is a base mattress filled with rubber granulate that acts as a shock-absorber...

  • Barn Equipment

  • Self locks

    Self locks

    All of these factors work together to provide the best feeding environment for the animals, make it more convenient to isolate an animal for treatment and minimize maintenance costs.

  • Dairy Floor

    Dairy Floor

    You have probably noticed this happen in the summer. Cows that walk to the parlour by road practically all walk along the side of the road. They avoid the hard surface if at all possible. Unfortunately, in a dairybarn, a cow has no choice and is forced to take every step on a concrete floor. Using the Dairy Floor from Cowhouse means that your cows walk on a natural surface. This makes the animals feel safe and gives them more traction, resulting in...

  • Cow Brush

    Cow Brush

    Purchasing this automatic cow brush will increase the wellbeing of your cows and thereby productivity. All vets agree that a modern dairybarn should have a good cow brush. The Au-2-Matic Cowbrush ensures that cows are cleaned over their whole bodies. The brush cleans not only their backs, but also their chest and flanks, up to the tarsal joints. As a result, parasites are no longer able to nestle and cows suffer less from itching and skin...

  • Feeding Systems

  • Easy Food

    Easy Food

    The Easy Food is a double side's feed system where between the blocks of feed can be placed. It's also possible to feed fresh grass. Through one press on the button the system moves into the directions of the blocks. A rubber floor mat prevents that feed never comes in contact with the fertilization or urine. The Easy Food is also deliverable with self closing or with a universal food barrier. The work up ismodular and varies...

  • Mobi Max

    Mobi Max

    The mobimax is very solid system that slowly pushes the forage blocks towards the cows. The MobiMax is extremely suitable for stable where the cows feed on one side of the feedlot. Never the less this system can be installed in practically each other type of stable. There are four length available varying from 5.40 till 12.00 meters

Products by Artex Barn Solutions

  • Argiculture Barn Equipment

    Artex Barn Solutions is the inventor and manufacturer of the original free stall 'Comfort Zone'™. The 'Comfort Zone'™ products are designed to reduce cow stress by providing a barn environment that is as close to the pasture as possible. The benefit to the dairy farmer? The more a cow lays down, the more milk is produced in the udders. More milk means more production, which translates into more dollars into your pocket.

  • Self Locks

    Self Locks

    Artex continually strives to improve its self locks to ensure: Durability – more steel per item compared to what the market offers, increased welds, larger bushings Low maintenance – minimal moving parts Ease of installation – with the Easy-Mount Hardware installation can effectively be carried out by one person Cow friendliness – quick release mechanism, good head and neck spacing All of these factors work together to provide...

  • Gates


    Artex makes a variety of gates to meet most applications. All gates are adjustable and can be customized to include features such as man passes and wheels. In other words, you can save yourself the cost of having custom gates made. A design change is easily accommodated. We provide choices for latching and hinging systems as well. Your barn, your way.

  • Calf Zone

    Calf Zone

    We have specifically designed the Calf Zone to ensure the wellness of the animal. The plastic walls extend out past the gate to ensure that younger animals are not able to contact animals in the adjoining pens. The removable wall is designed to reduce the build up of bacteria and is very easy to clean. As your needs change, so can your Calf Zone. You can improve efficiency in cleaning pens and effortlessly group animals by simply removing a wall...

  • Raised Calf Zone

    Raised Calf Zone

    The Raised Calf Zone has many of the benefits of the standard Calf Zone with many added benefits. Easy installation is just the beginning of benefits that you will see from it. The elevated and slatted floors make the Raised Calf Zone ideal for warmer climates. These features allow for better ventilation and fresher air in general.  More ventilation helps to cool calves, and keeps the pens more sanitary. The removable panels and elevated...

  • Aqua Dumps

    Aqua Dumps

    Studies have proven that cattle are healthier when they have a clean supply of water available to them. Conventional tubs and troughs fill with sludge over time and are very difficult to keep clean. The Artex aqua dump features the simplest cleaning method available - simply unlock the lock-bar and dump the tub! The unique design will flush all the grime and impurities from the bottom of the tank. Turn the tub upright and it will re-fill with fresh,...

  • Comfort Zone System

    Comfort Zone System

    The goal of the Comfort Zone System is to create an indoor environment closest to the natural pasture in order to increase rest time, reduce health issues and increase milk production of the herd. Our university and field studies have revealed three main issues related to Cow Comfort: entrance, lunging, overcrowding.