CowKool International, Inc. is part of Polak Bros Industries. Since then the Company has developed innovative ideas with respect to fans for Dairy farms, as well as new technical approaches to the design of different mounts that provide dairy producers significant savings in installation costs and in electrical power consumption costs. Over the last years, with global warming and the development of the dairy market, the company decided to invest resources and efforts in a new approach to the entire field of cow evaporating cooling and developed the CowKool® System, registered and patented worldwide.

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1476 W. Lark Dr , Chandler , 85248 Arizona, USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Established back in 1935 Polak Bros Industries serves over 4,000 customers: sales, manufacturing, and service. Polak Bros Industries is ‘quality driven’ in all of its products and is ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Certified.
Polak Bros has been a pioneer in the field of cow cooling with our first cooling installations dating back to 1982.

The CowKool® System is the only complete, off-the-shelf, fully automated-time, temperature, wind direction, wind velocity and humidity sensing cooling system.

Cow Cooling is Designed to minimize the economic impact of summertime heat stress in terms of lost milk production and reproductive failure, and generally make happy cows. Based on scientific research, the CowKool system is The most efficient cow cooling system available with a 98.9% summer/winter milk yielding ratio.

CowKool is a
fully automated cooling system with energy-efficient fans and a new cooling concept. A wide range of installation options provide complete cooling solutions for free stall barns, Saudi (desert-style) barns, dry lot dairy operations, and milking parlors.   Patented worldwide.
CowKool® System efficiency has been proven by scientific research on real farms in the USA- California and Arizona, and in Mexico.