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  • Fans

  • Mega - Model 50 - Belt Drive Fan

    Mega - Model 50 - Belt Drive Fan

    50in diameter (127cm). 6 heavy-duty stainless steel.  Blades for maximum air flow . 1½ HP (sealed) motor for maximum air velocity    (Available in 240v/460v-3phase). Fan is covered by a full factory. 1-YEAR WARRANTY . Motors are covered with a  FULL 2-YEAR WARRANTY

  • Model ck 25 - Fans

    Model ck 25 - Fans

    The 1 HP, CK-25 fan offers very cost-effective air velocity and wide area coverage all the way up to 30 feet with minimum power consumption.

  • Model ck 22 - High-Speed Fan

    Model ck 22 - High-Speed Fan

    The CK-22  high-speed fan is the highest air velocity fan on the market.  Installed on 30 or even 40-foot centers the CK-22 fan has the power to cool cows at both the feed lane and in their free stall beds very effectively! This is the ideal fan for wide barns!

  • Misting System

    Misting System

    The conventional cooling method used in the last decade make use of large amounts of water and energy and creates pollution problems due to the large amounts of water used. Lately, an alternative cooling system was developed combining wetting and cooling the cows along the feeding line by means of low-pressure misters installed in front of the fans.

  • Feed Lane Cooling

  • Swing Mount System

    Swing Mount System

    The swingmount system is designed for cooling the cows in the feed lane, especially for dairies with no scraper, and there is the need to get in with a tractor.