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  • Agricultural Safety

    Agricultural Safety

    Lack of accidents does not necessarily mean safe operation. You may have been lucky. You may have had near misses, but fortune smiled and you had few accidents. Measuring accidents provides one segment of the safety picture, but it is a far cry from evaluating and creating overall safety. Rather than giving you accident statistics and the admonition "you need a program," Agricultural Safety shows you how to "do" safety. The book sets forth the ...

  • Phytoliths - Applications in Earth Science and Human History

    Phytoliths - Applications in Earth Science and Human History

    This impeccably-researched volume skillfully reports and discusses advances in phytolith research, addressing in particular the use of phytoliths for deciphering fundamental issues in earth science and human history. Comprising thirty reviews and original papers, findings are presented in the following five sections: phytoliths in palaeoclimatology and palaeoecology; phytoliths, diet and health; archaeological structures, ancient agricultures ...