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Increased production time, Lowest maintenance, Low prices, Highest productivity, top quality commercial outdoor power equipment. Creekside Shop Inc. is located in East Syracuse, New York. We serve the outdoor power equipment needs of both commercial and residential users. For commercial users, we carry brands engineered for extreme duty under these conditions. For residential users, we carry brands that are built better and far more reliable than those found in the mass merchandisers. We have factory trained service technicians.

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6050 Butternut Drive Extension , East Syracuse , New York 13057 USA

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Good old fashioned service

Welcome to Creekside Shop where we still do business the old fashioned way - 'down to earth.' No telephone answering machines. No voice messaging to waste your time. We don't do a lot of advertising because we are blessed with a very loyal, repeat customer base. Our facility is modest but our staff is great, honest and professional. They know their stuff.

We'll spare you the sales pitch

Expect to be greeted when you walk through our door. We are honored that you chose to consider doing business with Creekside Shop. If you are here to buy something, do not expect a hard sell. Expect a few key questions. We want to fully understand your needs, your concerns, your expectations and your budget. We'll then show you the pieces of equipment we have, that will best do the job for you, and we'll explain why. The same concept follow through with our service staff. When you bring something in for repair, expect enough questions so we fully understand why it is here and what you expect as a result of our efforts. We'll even give you an idea of the cost and call you if we find it will be different. Also expect us to stand behind everything our service department turns out.

You'll have the exact part you have in mind

For parts purchases, if you do not have part numbers, be sure to bring the model and serial number of your engine or equipment so our parts staff can accurately look up what you need and get you the right part the first time. Our parts and service center is usally a little busy. Most people know that we likely have the largest stock of parts for outdoor power equipment in central NY. And if we don't have what you want, we can usually get it faster than anyone else. There is usally a hot cup of fresh coffee for you right at the parts counter. It is not unusal to run into a friend or two to chat with should you have to wait a couple minutes. Our customers are our friends. We want your experience to be warm and friendly, and, most of all, we want you to be totally satisfied with whatever you purchase from us.