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  • Model PG-325 - Pipe Gator

    Model PG-325 - Pipe Gator

    Pipe Gator has a unique procedure involved in digging up natural gas pipelines for maintenance purposes, this entails digging around transmission pipe lines while still in service. Pipe Gator will effectively clear access all around the pipe and give you the two foot clearance required underneath the pipe so proper maintenance can be achieved.

  • Model TL - Excavator Bucket

    Model TL - Excavator Bucket

    TL Buckets feature flatter floors and are recommended trenching and loading applications in dirt, loam, sand, gravel, loose clay and abrasive soils with limited rock. They are manufactured with a high strength tube upper structure, two-piece blade, horizontal wear strips on the bottom and a side wear kick plate. The XS G.E.T. System comes standard. Optional sidecutters, strike-offs or weld-on vertical edge protectors are available