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  • Adult Corn Rootworm Suppression Course

    Adult Corn Rootworm Suppression Course

    This presentation will help users in the U.S. Corn Belt and Great Plains region incorporate adult western corn rootworm control tactics into a broader corn rootworm management program. The presentation will review aspects of adult western corn rootworm biology and ecology, plus provide a general overview of the adult control strategy and tactics. In addition, specific factors to consider when determining the need for adult control and the appropriate...

  • Biocontrols Course

    Biocontrols Course

    he webinar will address the process for making fungicide spray decisions, and western corn rootworm Bt resistance and management. ‘Plant health’ applications of fungicides in the absence of disease may not be a good idea. Scouting is an important prelude to making fungicide spray decisions and understanding the ‘disease triangle’ can help with those decisions. Recently, western corn rootworms have developed resistance to...