The CropCam offers images on demand and is an inexpensive alternative to satellite or flying an airplane over a field. It can provide images for agriculture, forestry, oil & gas, surveys, mapping, land management drainage, environmental, and a multitude of other uses. The CropCam is $7,000 USD, highly efficient and user friendly for the commercial market. It is a radio control (RC) glider plane equipped with a Pentax digital camera, controlled by an autopilot, along with pre-programmed ground control software. Available in electric, the CropCam will also work with a RC transmitter for manual control of the plane.

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P.O. Box 720, 72067 Road 8E, Sturgeon Rd. , Stony Mountain , Manitoba R0C 3A0 Canada

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Software vendor
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Agriculture - Agriculture Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)