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  • Beet Machinery

  • CTM - Model 500 Series - Compact Trailed Cleaner Loaders

    CTM - Model 500 Series - Compact Trailed Cleaner Loaders

    Designed to load up to 3 tonnes a minute, CTM 500 Series is the UK’s top selling cleaner loader, popular with growers and contractors. The range offers a comprehensive choice of formats including standard web cleaning, Pre-cleaner, rollers/ stars, pick-off tables etc. CTM 554 has reverse action rollers for even greater tare removal. Based on the highly successful 500 roller cleaning system, the reverse action design offers even greater...

  • CTM - Model 9000 Series - High Throughput Cleaner Loaders

    CTM - Model 9000 Series - High Throughput Cleaner Loaders

    CTM 9000 Series handles up to 5 tonnes a minute, combining high, efficient throughput with unbeatable flexibility to meet customer requirements. The 9000 Series is the choice of most large contractors and hauliers.Design options include rigid elevator or swivel elevator with extending stabilizer axle. A wide choice of cleaning methods include Pre-cleaner web, spring mounted spiral rollers, ideal for the removal of clods, stones and trash or star...

  • ROPA Tiger - Model 6 - Sugar Beet Lifter

    ROPA Tiger - Model 6 - Sugar Beet Lifter

    The ROPA Tiger 6, the most powerful sugar-beet lifter in the world, debuted at the Agrosalon trade fair and  awarded a gold medal for innovation for its overall design. The heart of the machine is the new 700 hp or 768 hp engine with pump-nozzle injection and 16.12 litre capacity. The extra power compared to the Tiger 5 is up to 142 hp or 105 kW. The new machine design has perfectly integrated drive system with automatic...

  • ROPA Panther - 2 Axle Beet Harvester

    ROPA Panther - 2 Axle Beet Harvester

    ROPA has launched its new much asked for 2-axle beet harvester: ROPA Panther. The new model features the latest developments of ROPA's sugar beet topper/harvester resulting in a better yield and daily performance, advanced controls and innovative self-levelling system. Ideal for UK contractors, the new Panther is designed for unloading into trailers whilst on the move. The unique self-levelling frame ensures both a...

  • CTM - Weed Surfer

    CTM - Weed Surfer

    The original 6.4m Weed Surfer weighs just 700kg suitable for standard tractor pickup hitch. It has ten 4 blade rotors giving a 6.4 metre cutting path. Drive is from the tractor’s 1000 rpm power take off shaft through machine input slip clutch to gearboxes interconnected with drive shafts. CTM now offer an 8.9m Weed Surfer has fourteen 4 blade rotors giving a 8.9 metre cutting path. Its original operating height of 300mm (12 inches) can be...

  • Potato & Vegetable Machinery

  • CTM Rockstar - De-Stoner/ Separators

    CTM Rockstar - De-Stoner/ Separators

    CTM ‘Rockstar’ is a range of innovative de-stoner/ separators incorporate stone and clod separation technology gained from 50 years of perfecting beet cleaner loader design and manufacture. There are 8 Rockstar models with a choice of web or web and star separators across 1500 or 1700mm working widths. The distinctive front depth roller ensures accurate depth control and maximised intake flow. Choose from a range of web pitch...

  • CTM Ridgestar - Model 2013 - Destoner Separator

    CTM Ridgestar - Model 2013 - Destoner Separator

    Following the success of their ‘Rockstar’ destoner separator, CTM have unveiled their new  ‘Ridgestar’ bed former. Ridgestar is built to the same high standards and innovation as Rockstar and is designed to produce a wide, flat topped bed with wide ridge bottoms for the placement of stones and clods while leaving space for tractor wheelings. The bed shape ensures there is the optimum amount of soil available for the...

  • ROPA Keiler - Potato Harvesters

    ROPA Keiler - Potato Harvesters

    Two years in development and field testing, ROPA’s first incursion into the potato and root vegetable sector is the ‘Keiler’ (wild boar). This potato harvester is offered with a single or 2 row lifting head that is easily switched to an onion lifting head for added flexibity. The Keiler 2 has an 8 ton holding tank. As you would expect from a German company, ROPA have paid special attention to hydraulically operated webs and...