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  • Model MV - Boom Flail Mower

    Model MV - Boom Flail Mower

    4.3m reach. Low power requirement. Parallel arm geometry. Hydraulic floatation accumulator for cutting head. Hydraulic safety breakaway. Replaceable skid shoes. Storage support legs. Operator-friendly controls

  • Model MV - Flail Mower

    Model MV - Flail Mower

    Forward rotating flail mower to pick up bent over grass. Heavy-duty design with hardened steel. Rear 6” diameter roller. Full length replaceable skid shoes. Slip-clutch PTO shaft. Fully enclosed drive shaft. Fully enclosed belt and drive pulleys featuring Kevlar V-belts. Greasable, sealed, self-aligning bearings. Full float and oscillation with MacLean hitch