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  • Heavy-Weight Single Drum Roller

    Heavy-Weight Single Drum Roller

    The extraordinary safety, excellent compaction performance and modern design of heavy-weight Single Drum Rollers guarantee high efficiency and best results even under the toughest working conditions. High compaction quality with a low number of compaction runs provides the best economic benefit to the user. The wide range of 9 models between 7 and 25 tonnes cover every need of soil compaction.

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  • Municipals- Attachments

  • Model MV - Boom Flail Mower

    Model MV - Boom Flail Mower

    4.3m reach. Low power requirement. Parallel arm geometry. Hydraulic floatation accumulator for cutting head. Hydraulic safety breakaway. Replaceable skid shoes. Storage support legs. Operator-friendly controls

  • Model MV - Flail Mower

    Model MV - Flail Mower

    Forward rotating flail mower to pick up bent over grass. Heavy-duty design with hardened steel. Rear 6” diameter roller. Full length replaceable skid shoes. Slip-clutch PTO shaft. Fully enclosed drive shaft. Fully enclosed belt and drive pulleys featuring Kevlar V-belts. Greasable, sealed, self-aligning bearings. Full float and oscillation with MacLean hitch

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  • Grain - Grain Truck Bodies

  • Aluminum Grain Box

    Aluminum Grain Box

    Aluminum bodies are approximately 1/2 of the weight of a steel body. Aluminum is less corrosive than steel which makes this a great hauler for fertilizer. Aluminum body can be left in machine finish, polished, clear coated, or painted

  • Steel Monobody Grain Box

    Steel Monobody Grain Box

    With superior design features, such as 3 piece swing-out tailgates, hydraulic silage gates or gravity beet gates, these durable and versatile truck bodies featuring all welded one piece cross memberless construction are ideal for whatever job you have.

  • Grain - Round Bale Hauling Equipment

  • Round Bale Buggy

    Round Bale Buggy

    The Bale Buggy is built with the Commercial hauler in mind, picking bales in the fall usually means wet conditions, this unit is extremely good in wet conditions with its super single flotation tires. This unit is built to haul tens of thousands of bales per season.

  • Round Bale Pup

    Round Bale Pup

    A bale deck, mounted onto a truck, with the added pup allows a single operator to have the most efficient method of transporting round bales. One person, one vehicle and the pup can haul 34 round bales in a short time. The Self-loading and Self-unloading system eliminates the need for a tractor at each end, and only one person is required.

  • Grain - Grain Trailers

  • Aluminum 5 Wheel End Dump Trailer

    Aluminum 5 Wheel End Dump Trailer

    Cancade CBI 5th Wheel End Dump Trailers come in a tapered Elliptical / Tub Design with flat floor. The Aluminum version is pictured, also available in Steel configurations. Standard with high lift Hydraulic gate. Interior walls are completely smooth from top to bottom with no vertical posts, this eliminates any product hangup.

  • Aluminum Grain Pup Trailer

    Aluminum Grain Pup Trailer

    Our Stiff Pole Pup Trailers combine years of experience with modern technology and engineering. We build models with: two, three or four axles, air operated telescopic or static tongues, and numerous types of air or spring suspension.

  • Grain - Grain Body Components

  • 10

    10" Cross Box Augers

    Cancade 10 inch Cross Box Auger is hydraulically driven and connects up to existing trucks and controls with some slight modifications. This auger eliminates the need for backing up to unload – just drive by the hopper

  • Hopper Trailer Auger

    Hopper Trailer Auger

    The Cancade CBI Hopper Auger is designed to be mounted between your 2 hoppers on your Grain Trailer. Utilizing a slide bar and  trap door locking mechanism you can easily transfer the auger from one hopper opening to the other keeping you auger exit point at the same location.