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  • Flat Bottom Silo

    Flat Bottom Silo

    CSI wall sheets have tensile strength in the range of minimum 900.000kgf/cm2 (63.200Psi). These values are our obvious superiority against other silos in the market. CSI offers strong, suitable and durable commercial silos. Metal sheets made by very strong steel, wide corrugation widths, steel stiffeners coated with heavy duty galvanize and proper box-ribs are some of the quality characteristics. The diameters of our commercial bins differ from 4,57...

  • Hopper Bottom Silo

    Hopper Bottom Silo

    The angles of the bottom of the hopper bottom silos are 45 and 60 degrees. These angles produce easier flow of the grain. However, 45 degree bottoms are used to store grains, 60 degree bottoms are used for animal feed, humid grains or low viscosity fluids. 

  • Handling Equipments

  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    Bucket elevators are the key components of your grain storage systems. We can produce bucket elevators from 5 mts to 50 mts length and their capacities differ between 10-500 ton/s. CSI bucket elevators have inspection doors which are air tight and facilitates the daily maintenance and cleaning.

  • Chain Conveyors

    Chain Conveyors

    Our chain conveyors are designed to be used in different applications and many years. These conveyors are produced by completely galvanized and high quality steel and they are used to transfer the grains horizontally within the grain storage systems. We are offering different application options according to your needs without depending on the area conditions. We can produce the correct conveyor system with differing capacities from 5 tons/h to 500...