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  • Pan Poultry Feeding Systems

  • Cumberland - Hi-Lo Classic & Hi-Lo VIII Pan Feeding

    Cumberland - Hi-Lo Classic & Hi-Lo VIII Pan Feeding

    Two-Stage pan performance inside one complete feeder is the idea behind Cumberland's revolutionary Hi-Lo* Pan Feeding System. The Hi-Lo pan feeder represents a unique concept in the poultry industry, using one feeder to take birds from day old through adult.The first 7-10 days of a broiler's life are critical. The Hi-Lo pan feeder starts on the house floor, presenting a lip height of 2.1' (5.33 cm), the average height of traditional 'chick...

  • Cumberland - Model Pro-1 - Broiler Pan Feeder

    Cumberland - Model Pro-1 - Broiler Pan Feeder

    Cumberland’s Pro-1* Broiler Pan Feeder is an option when Flood Feeding is required. With a new patented design, the Pro-1 provides exceptional performance for a broiler feeding system. Care for your birds from day one through grow-out with just one pan feeder. On the floor, the collapsible pan with window guard offers the traditional 2” lip height for chicks and keeps chicks from entering the flood window. Raise the feed line and the...

  • Poultry Climate Control Systems

  • Cumberland - Poultry Exhaust Fans

    Cumberland - Poultry Exhaust Fans

    Cumberland ventilation systems are the perfect solution for more efficient, high performance, climate control in poultry production facilities. Our equipment has been field refined and industry proven to be extremely effective in reducing bird stress caused by overheated or poorly ventilated houses. Even if you're building is well ventilated, inefficient equipment can blow healthy bird profits right out the window. If you're looking for a better...

  • Cumberland - Poultry Fan Shutters

    Cumberland - Poultry Fan Shutters

    Available in a variety of sizes and materials, we have a shutter to fit your particular requirements be it low light, low maintenance or low cost. The true airfoil design of our shutter blades make them extremely effective allowing for very little performance loss. Simple to install and built to last a lifetime, Cumberland shutters can provide an easy and affordable means of controlling incoming light and building climate. Cumberland offers a variety...