Custom Marketing Company (CMC)

Custom Marketing Company (CMC) has been a leader in grain management and storage solutions since 1984. CMC specializes in design, sales, construction and service of grain management and storage solutions. We were the first to introduce a revolutionary drying process called the Pressure Cure System and it is used by thousands of farmers across North America today. Our Pressure Cure Systems are designed to help farmers retain quality grain and harvest 7-10 days earlier. Whether you are starting a new bin site or adding to your existing system, CMC has the right grain storage solution for your operation. For 30 years we have served farmers across 48 states. If you haven’t heard of CMC or our Pressure Cure System, we are willing to bet there is a neighbor not too far away that has. Give us a call and make your grain worth more with CMC.

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Using science and technology to help people secure a sustainable future in agriculture.


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