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  • Agri-Vac Conveyor

    Agri-Vac Conveyor

    Agri-Vac pneumatic conveyors set high standards in health and safety. Their powerful vacuum action makes life easier and safer for workers - efficient grain removal without the shovelling and dust. Unlike other conveying systems, which have dangerous moving parts that cause can injury, with an Agri-Vac air does all the work. Agri-Vac Units offer high levels of flexibility and are capable of transferring product in any direction over long distances.

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    Central-Vac Systems

    The Central-Vac system is powered by a Walinga Super Chrome Blower. The Blower provides suction throughout the system which may cover a number of Factory Floor levels. Pick up points are installed based on the customers design to ensure high need areas are covered. Dust laden air is drawn to a common point where the product is separated from the air through dual cyclone units. The collected material can readily be transferred for rework or scrapped as...