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  • Agricultural Buckets

  • CWS - Telehandler Buckets

    CWS - Telehandler Buckets

    Typical Uses:With Buckets: Loading feed trucks, stacking bales, corral cleaning, working silage from top to bottom of the pile, handling chopped hay.

  • CWS - Roll Out Buckets

    CWS - Roll Out Buckets

    CWS Rollout Buckets are designed for each machine application and the open design allows for easy loading of materials. The modular design allows CWS’ engineers to custom-design buckets with widths and capacities to suit your application. Rollout Buckets are ideal for high capacity applications with high-dump heights. Each roll out bucket is supplied with a universal bolt-on cutting edge industrial high-pressure cylinders combine...

  • Construction Products

  • CWS - Hydraulic Angle Dozer Blades

    CWS - Hydraulic Angle Dozer Blades

    Hydraulic Angle Blades consist of moldboard, A-frame, two reversing cylinders, cab controlled quick reversing action and infinite adjustments between right and left limits. Hydraulic Angle Blades angle through 25 degrees left to 25 degrees right with control form the cab. Typical uses include: work on mountain roads, airports, parking lots, plant facilities, rural and urban roads.

  • CWS - Heavy Duty Digging Buckets

    CWS - Heavy Duty Digging Buckets

    Generally accepted as an industrial quality tool these buckets are stronger and more wear resistant than General Purpose Buckets. Often these buckets have heavier teeth and corner bits that are used to further extend wear resistance. If a machine is to have only one tool, then this is the one to have. Teams of specified widths of buckets are often used in conjunction with Quick Couplers to achieve a blend of mass excavation and specific trench...

  • CWS - Frost Vee Buckets

    CWS - Frost Vee Buckets

    Designed with a 'V' shaped cutting edge, these buckets are designed to concentrate digging forces progressively, starting on one tooth, to penetrate frozen materials, soft shales and sandstones.

  • CWS - Side Tilt Buckets

    CWS - Side Tilt Buckets

    The Side Tilt bucket is the ultimate grading and shaping tool allowing the operator to cut, trim and form complex terrain.

  • Forestry Products

  • CWS - General Purpose Buckets

    CWS - General Purpose Buckets

    General Purpose Buckets are suitable for use in soils where shock loading and abrasion is not expected. Teeth and corner bits are often added to these buckets to enhance penetration and to extend wear life.

  • CWS - Side-Entry Cabs

    CWS - Side-Entry Cabs

    Replaces factory cab and cab guard. Guarding meets WCB G600 series requirements for forestry applications (processing, delimbing,log handling). Corraning