D.K. Precision Trenchers

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  • DK Precision - Model DK-612 - Smaller Tractors

    DK Precision - Model DK-612 - Smaller Tractors

    A great asset for smaller tile and smaller tractors. This efficient digging machine was introduced in 2008 and stormed the Ag market all over the country. 150 hp minimum, CVT or IVT, 3 Tractor Remotes, and 3 point hitch all required for this machine.

  • DK Caddy - Trencher

    DK Caddy - Trencher

    This DK Caddy has been specifically designed to enhance the DK trenchers performance. Heavy, well built, and simple- the core idea brought to life. Do more with the genius idea of the DK Caddy.

  • DK Precision - OnBoard Reel Trencher

    DK Precision - OnBoard Reel Trencher

    OnBoard Reel makes tiling simple! Fork mount on your tractor for easy hookup and pick up of tile roll. Less trouble with tile stretching with Onboard reel and tile feeder on trencher. Counter weights for your tractor to handle the DK Trencher.

  • Trencher Boots

    Trencher Boots

    Sizes 4”,6”, & 8” for DK-612. Sizes 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 15” for DK-628. Stainless Steel Sides for less stick during operation. EASY hookup to trencher.