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  • BERMAD Controllers

  • Model BIC500 - Irrigation Controller

    Model BIC500 - Irrigation Controller

    The BIC500 is an economical, professional irrigation system controller. This user-friendly unit can control irrigation, fertigation, and filtration applications.  The 12VDC powered controller utilizes a modular structure available from 2 – 16 outputs.  It also accepts up to 4 dry contact inputs.  Has ability to irrigate by time or volume; and can operate cycles within an irrigation day (pulse irrigation). May be powered by...

  • IRROMETER Sensors

  • IRROMETER - Model R - Tensiometers

    IRROMETER - Model R - Tensiometers

    The IRROMETER Model “R” is the standard one-piece IRROMETER for general use with row, tree, and field crops. Includes reservoir, air free gauge chamber and hermetically sealed IRROMETER vacuum gauge with dual scale of centibars and kilopascals (0-100 cb [kpa] range)