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  • Harvest Planner

    Harvest Planner

    Harvest Planner is a powerful module that tracks timber volume by development stage, contractor, sort, grade and logging start date to optimize harvesting schedules with the primary objective of maximizing log sale revenues.  Harvest Planner uses harvest plans, timber profiles and most importantly market conditions, to increase efficiencies for log management flow and returns on log sales.

  • Planting Planner

    Planting Planner

    Planting Planner is an add on module to PhoenixPRO designed to assist foresters in putting together their yearly planting plan.  Planting Planner assists in calculating the number of trees needed and then updating the sowing request information received from SPAR (Seed Planning and Registry Application).  The specialized spreadsheet can be used to re-allocate seedlings based on actual inventories and ensures that the seed transfer guidelines...

  • FRPA Module

    FRPA Module

    The FRPA (Forest and Range Practice Act) Module is an add on to PhoenixPRO which allows you to capture your Forest Stewardship Plan for use later when generating your Cut Block and/or Road Site Plans.

  • Road Module

    Road Module

    The Road Module is an add on to PhoenixPRO and is an intuitive system designed to track road, bridge and culvert inspections for auditing purposes.  The Road Module lets you maintain important information about a road's location, permits, deactivations, as well as information used for Higher Level Plans.  It helps managers to plan and carry out maintenance, construction and inspection activities including tracking costs.  It captures...