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  • Rotary Rakes

  • Model GR330  - Rotary Rakes

    Model GR330 - Rotary Rakes

    F - fixed 3°point, SN - Tourning 3°point, RG - Swivel wheels, TW - 4 swivel wheels, 4R - tandem wheels, SP - special tandem axle.

  • Oenology - Vineyard

  • Model RR - Pruning Pickers

    Model RR - Pruning Pickers

    The pruning pickers is ideal to rake pruned tree branches in the centre of tree rows to permit an easy choppering or picking. It is made on three working width and with two htich three point.     longer hitch for any kind of orchad  RRL. short hitch for espalier type orchard  RR.

  • Special Machines