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  • Dacom - TerraSen Station - Basic

    Dacom - TerraSen Station - Basic

    A TerraSen station BASIC consists of a TerraSen sensor with 5 sensors that measure soil moisture conditions, soil temperature and irrigation at several depths, a DSG 3.0 datalogger with solar panel and communication function. Complete with pole and wires.

  • Irrigation Advice - - Agricultural Irrigation Data

    Irrigation Advice - - Agricultural Irrigation Data

    Water is one of the most important factors in crop growth. To optimize yields this occasionally necessitates the irrigation of crops during the growing season. The Dacom Irrigation Advice module shows what the daily water consumption of the crop has been throughout the different soil layers and gives you advice on the optimal timing and amount of irrigation required.

  • Fungal Disease Control - Agricultural Data

    Fungal Disease Control - Agricultural Data

    Due to the increased aggressiveness of fungi and climate change effects, keeping diseases under control remains a major challenge for all growers. That is why it is very important to use the right fungicide at the right time. The Dacom fungal disease module provides advice regarding the best moment to use fungicides and which type of fungicide to use.

  • Insect Control - Agricultural Data

    Insect Control - Agricultural Data

    The Dacom insect control module provides advice regarding the insect’s current development stage. This allows the correct moment and the correct type of insecticide to be determined. Optimum insect control results in a better crop yield.

  • Sensetion

  • Dacom - Sensetion Single-pack

    Dacom - Sensetion Single-pack

    The Sensetion single-pack consists of an easy to install soil moisture sensor with a smartphone app for Android and iOS.