DAM Silos

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  • Outdoor-Indoor Silos

    Outdoor-Indoor Silos

    AISI304 stainless steel, of long durability and minimum maintenance. From capacities for 5 to 1001 of product. Different heights and curve diameters. Advanced anti-tilt and anti-vibration systems. Isolation chamber option. Finished according to customer requirements. Equipped with stainless steel ladders for access to the top of the silos, safety handrails and catwalks between one silo and the another. Option of a stainless steel access door skirting...

  • Automation Systems

    Automation Systems

    The automation systems can manage the whole set of mix materials, both main ingredients, microingredients and even liquids. The interface with the user may be either via a Touch Screen or directly by way of a PC.

  • Vibratory Sieves

    Vibratory Sieves

    Special sieves with a built-in power vibrator for product handling by gravity or by air suction conveyor. Ideal for sieving dusty products used in chemical or food processes. Provided of a Teflon-coated grid with a mesh size of 1.5 mm. Automatic impurity expulsion system by way of a side hole. Composed of an eccentric mass power vibrator with adjustable output. Mounted on springs and anti-vibration cushions.