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  • Squeeze Chutes

  • Model AH  Series - All Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes

    Model AH Series - All Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes

    Neck Stretcher - For tagging, dehorning, checking teeth, doctoring eyes. etc. Sternum Support so cattle can't go down (Adjustable and Removable). Built-in Palpation Cage with gas springs on gates (No latches to rattle). Hip Squeeze (or A-I and Preg Checking (Adjustable and Removable). Mounting Brackets tor attachment of scales. Special Traction floor with offset 1 1/4' solid round to avoid slipping. S-Bolt Hub & Wheel tor portable model.

  • Remote Control Squeeze Chutes

    Remote Control Squeeze Chutes

    Radio Control m.iy be used within 300 feet of the chute and will control up to (our functions of the chute. Optional radios may be ordered with additional functions to control additional equipment such as sort gates or alleyways. The hard-wired control has a magnetic base which allows it to be placed wherever the operator prefers. This control may also be ordered with additional cable length to facilitate a stationary installa¬tion as necessary....

  • Alleyway

  • Daniels - Portable Alley Ways

    Daniels - Portable Alley Ways

    The latest version ot our Portable Alley features a side swing gooseneck hitch for quick and easy setup. Also includes no-backs and stile squeezes that an adjustable. The updated lieavy-duty spring loaded jacks that operate simultaneously. W'itli the addition of brass bushings to hinge points, this is undoubtedly the quietest alley we have ever produce.

  • Gates & Panels

  • Daniels - Cow Corral Unit

    Daniels - Cow Corral Unit

    Entire corral loads easily into 12' x 38' chute tor easy transportation. Chute adjusts rrom 26 inches to 52 inches in height tor ease in loading or unloading at any level. This chute is equipped with tortion axle, radial tires, fenders, mud flaps, tongue that swings sideways out of way, jack, built in rear gate and extension hangers to allow a dozen extra panels or a working alley to be hauled. All stationary and portable chutes have the new RumberS...

  • Daniels - Telescoping Bale & Loose Hay Feeder

    Daniels - Telescoping Bale & Loose Hay Feeder

    7x14' sides work in as livestock eats, ranchers say cattle waste much less hay with this feeder than others they use. Panels can be used for portable corral panels in otf season.

  • Buildings

  • Daniels - Calf Sheds & Loafing Barns

    Daniels - Calf Sheds & Loafing Barns

    Complete Barn Package - Includes pulling alley made up of Pearson automatic head gate, 2 nurse panels and 2 special divider panels with extra gates. This package is $1,^85°° over and above the price of any bam equipped with gates and panels.