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  • Fecon - Bio-Harvester

    Fecon - Bio-Harvester

    The Fecon® Bio-Harvester™ is a unique piece of forestry equipment which simultaneously fells, chips, and collects biomass. The material is chipped using Fecon® chipper knives or carbide tools, it is then augured into a material fan and blown into various types of collection units. The harvesting head is mounted on a Fecon FTX440 crawler mulcher or large agricultural tractor (minimum 250 horsepower). The FTX440 has the ability to withstand forest...

  • Fecon - Model FRM76 - Deck Mower

    Fecon - Model FRM76 - Deck Mower

    The FRM76 Deck Mower adds to our lineup of skid steer powered attachments. The FRM76 offers a full 72 inch working width and can run on skid steer power as low as 21 gpm and up to 45 gpm. It does not require a case drain hydraulic connection and installation on any appropriately sized skid steer is plug-and-go. It offers both a cross, and round disk blade carrier to match customer preference. The FRM76’s bi-directional rotation allows for control of the...