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  • System Units

  • Model d5MC - Main Controller

    Model d5MC - Main Controller

    d5MC is the system's main controller (MC). The MC has a signal processor (DSP) for managing the other units via a CAN Bus to the vehicle, together with an XScale processor for managing communications and the user interface. From the MC, a choice of one, two or three CAN Buses can be run out to various vehicle function receivers or senders. Other dasa5 units are connected at appropriate points.

  • Model d5I012 - Main Controller

    Model d5I012 - Main Controller

    I/O-unit with 12 individually programmable inputs or outputs. A flexible unit that meets various demans. Inputs for current, voltage, frquency and counter. Outputs PWM for servo valves, digital or analog, max rating 3A.

  • Model d5I012R - Main Controller

    Model d5I012R - Main Controller

    I/O-unit with 12 individually programmable inputs or outputs. Outputs have a rating of 5A and can be paralelled to 10A. The inputs are digital.

  • Model d5I012D - Main Controller

    Model d5I012D - Main Controller

    I/O-unit with 12 individually programmable inputs or outputs. The inputs are digital and the outputs are low-power outputs for analogue DC (Danfoss).

  • Model dxWB - Main Controller

    Model dxWB - Main Controller

    A unit that establishes a wireless data link to CAN bus and/or Ethernet networks for communications up to a distance of 100 meters.

  • Model d5CB - Main Controller

    Model d5CB - Main Controller

    A unit for translating between external CAN protocol and dasa5. The translation tables are defined in the development tool, stored in d5MC and are uploaded to the respective d5CB at system start. An optional number of the above mentioned units can be specified and connected to the system.