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  • Grain Spreaders

    Grain Spreaders

    Gravity Flow Spreaders are used to distribute dry grain in storage bins. The force of the falling grain against the curved vanes in the chute causes a slow, even rotation to provide a gentle distribution of grain. Gravity Flow Spreaders require no electricity. The chute is designed to divide the flowing grain and distribute it into four concentric rings in the bin. Fines and light material remain with the flowing mass of grain and are distributed away...

  • Grain Conveying Air Systems

    Grain Conveying Air Systems

    The DMC Trans-Fer® is a logical, timely combination of current technology and natural air flow providing a modern method of moving grain. The systems are the perfect companion for any new or existing grain drying and storage facilities. Grain is moved through conveying tubes on a cushion of air, minimizing grain damage and maximizing efficiency and convenience. These systems are easy to install and maintain. Expansion is as easy as laying more...