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  • Truck Tanks

    Truck Tanks

    Chioda Daniele & c snc produces and sells a wide range of Truck Tanks . The screw conveyor for feed extraction is  operated by cardan shaft connected to the tractor. The screw conveyor can turn 360° by ball-bearing fifth wheel, unloading height from 3 to 8,5 m. by manual double action pump (hydraulic on request). The top sliding lid can be opened from the ground manually. Standard capacity for Truck Tanks goes from 6 till 20 cubic meters,...

  • Feed Distribution Truck

    Feed Distribution Truck

    Chioda Daniele & C S.N.C produce and sells  a range of feed distribution carts for the transport of different cereals, granular fertilizer. The screw conveyor is  operated by the tractor PTO (540 RPM). The screw conveyor can be assembled either at the front or at the backof the cart and the inclination is adjusted by hydraulic cylinder

  • Bulk Feed Tanks

    Bulk Feed Tanks

    Chioda Daniele & C. snc produces and sells a wide range of Bulk Feed Tanks. Capacity for Bulk Feed  Tanks goes from 6 till 66 cubic meters, different capacities available on request.

  • Transfer Grain Trailers - Dumper

    Transfer Grain Trailers - Dumper

    Chioda Daniele & c snc produces and sells a wide range of Dumper and Transfer Grain Trailers. Standard models go  from 6 till 38 cubic meters. Unloading height 4.5 m,  auger diam 300/400 mm, hydraulic operated.  Model with two or three axles, pneumatic brakes,  tandem/tridem suspension, cardanic tipping.  Suitable for high performace combine harvesters,  can be used both with or without screw conveyor.

  • Manure Spreader

    Manure Spreader

    Chioda Daniele & c snc produces and sells a wide range of Rear manure spreaders. Models with vertical, horizontal beaters. Standard models go from 1,5 till 30 cubic meters. Homogeneous distribution of the material between 4 and 24 m. Models with one, two, three axles, pneumatic brakes, tandem, tridem suspension, mechanical or hydraulic moving floor, hydraulic slurry door, rear protection, Pto 540/ 1000 Rpm, model with two horizontal beaters and...

  • Agricultural Trailers

    Agricultural Trailers

    Chioda Daniele & c snc produces and sells a wide range of trailers. Standard models go from 4 Ton till 18 Tons. Models with one, two axles, hydraulic or cardanic tipping,  rigid suspension or leaf spring suspension, rear tipping,  3 way tipping pneumatic brakes, hydraulic.