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Established as a leather merchant in 1875, Davies & Co has become the world leader in equestrian matting with its Equimat brand. Since its inception as the original interlocking stable matting Equimat is relied upon by countless professional stables and athletes to provide reliable, safe and hardwearing surfaces for their horses. Today Davies & Co is the matting division of Davies Odell Ltd who maintain the 150 year association within the footwear industry.

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Beatrice Road , Kettering , NN16 9QS United Kingdom

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Equimat have been manufactured with your horse in mind to provide a permanent soft and insulated floor so you can safely reduce bedding without compromising your horse’s comfort.


EVA is made up from a type of foam material which has minute air bubbles in. If you were to place a horse onto pure EVA, the bubbles will deflate and squash down. Unfortunately once these bubbles have been squashed they do not return back to their original shape. This is why you get spreading in the matting.
To prevent this from happening, we have mixed our EVA with a soft rubber, therefore keeping it lightweight and avoiding excess stretching.
The reason for cows being fine with pure EVA mats is because they lay on the matting therefore spreading their weight evenly across the material whereas a horse will stand and walk over the mats with four pressure points (all four hoofs).
A lot of the 'cheaper' matting have a 10 year warranty but you will often find in the small print that this does not cover spreading in the mats.