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  • Agronomic Consulting Services

    Agronomic Consulting Services

    As crop input prices continue to climb, the risks associated with crop production continue to rise as well. Managing those inputs is now more important than ever. Understanding your soil fertility levels is the first step to managing and maximizing your fertilizer inputs effectively. At Daylight Farm Supply we can sample your fields for soil fertility levels then make a recommendation based upon your production and profit goals. Since we are not a...

  • Research Services

    Research Services

    The technology we use today in crop production is vastly different from what we used just five years ago and is continuing to evolve. To help you best utilize that technology and make the best decisions we have been running our own in-field research plots to help you evaluate that new technology. By doing our testing under real-world, local conditions you get the best information available to help make decisions for your farm operation. Whether the...