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  • Rolland Trailers

  • Rolland - Drop Side Trailers

    Rolland - Drop Side Trailers

    From – 1.5 to 16 tonnes. The Rolland drop-side trailers are always in the Rolland range, basic or the half-lifted.

  • Rolland - Spreader

    Rolland - Spreader

    With vertical beaters, (Beater Frames C22 – V2 from 140 up). Hose joints with push-pills and electric plug. Beaters driven by gear boxes with self aligned coupling joints, unwearable.

  • Rolland - Poly VRAC Trailers

    Rolland - Poly VRAC Trailers

    The PolyVRAC System uses one chassis for two trailer bodies with an easy change over. Accumulators for auto rear steer, Sprung drawbar, Hydraulic retractable lid, Aluminum side extensions, Body change over without lifting gear.

  • Rolland - Cattle Trailers

    Rolland - Cattle Trailers

    Length from 13 to 28 foot, Easy to load, Shock absorber Accumulators give stock a comfortable ride and reduce stress

  • Rolland - Flat-Bed Forage Trailer

    Rolland - Flat-Bed Forage Trailer

    The Rolland flatbed trailers from 6 to 12m. For all kinds of transport: straw, hay and pallets. Front turntable. Single or Twin rear axle, From 7680kgs to 19060kgs.

  • Rolland - Giant Solid Trailer

    Rolland - Giant Solid Trailer

    The New Classic Turbo Giant Solid Trailers from Rollandare built to provide -, Huge volume to cut your transport costs, Designed and engineered to the highest standard, Robust, strong and built to last, Huge internal width up to 2.35metres, Up to three axles, Hydraulic Ram

  • Rolland - Classic Solid Trailer

    Rolland - Classic Solid Trailer

    The Turbo Classic Solid Trailers from Rolland are built to provide -, Designed for heavy use, Engineered to the highest standard, Robust, strong and built to last, Huge internal width up to 2.30metres, Hydraulic Ram