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  • Dump Trailers

  • DBM - Silage Trailers

    DBM - Silage Trailers

    DBM engineers, builds, and designs silage trailers. These dumptrailers are specially engineered and designed to fit the customers needs. For example in the picture beside DBM designed a large 50 cubic meter(1800 cubic feet) dumptrailer.

  • DBM - Multipurpose Trailers

    DBM - Multipurpose Trailers

    DBM engineers, builds and designs multipurpose trailers. These trailers can be used for construction purposes such as moving sand, gravel or stones. Extensions can also be put on so that the trailer can be used for silage etc.

  • DBM - Specialty Trailers

    DBM - Specialty Trailers

    DBM builds, designs and engineers dumptrailers specially to fit a customers needs perfectly. For example the dumptrailer shown beside has an incorporated load weight sensing system. This is perfect for companies and farmers doing custom work since it allows them to record the weight being carried in the trailer.

  • DBM - Construction Trailers

    DBM - Construction Trailers

    DBM engineers, builds and designs construction dumptrailers . These trailers are specially made to withstand the weight and rough nature of stones, gravel, sand etc. For example the de Bie 240C shown beside uses polycarbonate plastic instead of wood to protect the top of the dumptrailer eliminating the need for constant replacement.