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  • Cow Comfort

  • Brisket Pipes

    Brisket Pipes

    Brisket pipes allow cows to comfortably lie in their cubicles, preventing them from moving too far forward and pushing their bedding out of the front. The brisket pipes are very durable and the round shape allows the cow to lie in comfort.

  • Model C - 220 - Cubicles

    Model C - 220 - Cubicles

    Functional, maximal cow comfort. With comfort bend for additional guidance of the cow. Solid holder, stability through 48 mm neck rail and front bar. Minimum box length 220 cm, can be combined with every type of mattresses. Nylon neck band optional.

  • Super Comfort Cubicle System

    Super Comfort Cubicle System

    The Super comfort cubicle system is the most flexible cubicle system available.. Adjustable in height and in width. Ideal for sand beds or where the lying surface could vary up or down. Available in standard or high neck rail versions. Easily adjustable for brisket pipes or boards.

  • Slurry Scraper Systems

  • Duo Compact - Model 2 - Slurry Scraper Systems

    Duo Compact - Model 2 - Slurry Scraper Systems

    The Duo Compact is available in two versions. The Duo Compact I and the Duo Compact II. Thanks to its 0.25 kW electrical engine, the Duo Compact I is particularly appropriate for barns with a circuit length of up to 100 meters. This is true for both slatted floors and solid floors. Whenever you order a Duo Compact I you will receive two drive units per scraper system. The scraper is pulled in each direction by one of the drive units, while the other...

  • Jumbo Cable Drive Slurry Scraper Systems

    Jumbo Cable Drive Slurry Scraper Systems

    The Jumbo cable drive has an electrical engine of 0.37kW and a drum capacity for 75 meters length of cable. The system is appropriate for a maximum length of 150 meters. Inside the housing of the Jumbo there is a drum that unrolls the cable on one side and winds it in on the other side. In this way, one length of cable equal to the length of the barn is always on the drum, which prevents the cable from slipping or being displaced. An adjusting spindle...

  • Rope Scraper Systems

    Rope Scraper Systems

    The cord drive is characterised by the easy fitting on the floor, which allows the system to occupy very little space. Thanks to the stainless barn flooring you can rely on a system that will work well for years. Just as in the case of Duo Compact drives, the scraper system functions with two drive stations per scraper system. The scraper is pulled in each direction by one of the drive units, while the other drive unit lowers the cable. The cord drive...

  • Ventilation

  • Cow Curtain

    Cow Curtain

    The Cow Curtain is a robust ventilation system with a favourable price/quality ratio. It can be operated either manually or automatically. Available in the colours green, grey or translucent.

  • Other Products

  • Water Beds

    Water Beds

    A water bed provides extreme lying comfort. It consists of a rubber “bag” per cubicle bed. Water beds are supplied on a roll. The “bags” are individually filled with water. It is important to know the width of the cubicle beds, the amount of water in each bed is adjusted accordingly.

  • Water Troughs

    Water Troughs

    A dairy cow requires 4 or 5 litres of good clean drinking water for every litre of milk she produces. To keep a drinking trough clean is obviously crucial to allow her to drink the required amount. If the water gets dirty and stagnant, cows would not drink enough and that in turn not only has a direct influence on the milk production but also on her general health. To have drinking troughs which are easy to clean will make a big difference. The...

  • Handling Systems

    Handling Systems

    Separating cows is much easier, simpler and quicker. Extra help of a second person is not necessary. After treatment you can can lead the cows to the desired section. Makes cow management easy, very practical and saves a lot of time. Cows are easy to approach for a diversity of treatments.