De Pietri S.r.l.

The Firm De Pietri was born as handicraft firm in the early 20s when De Pietri Giovanni started his activity of repairing and constructing agricultural equipment. He exploited his experience in the army`s machine shop during the first world war and manufactured tools that were considered to be in the van for those times. Also he modified other ones with great improvements so that his small machine shop became a reference-point for the local and neighbouring farmers.

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Via Roma Nord, 61 , Vezzano s/c (RE) , 42030 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)
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His passion for mechanics was conveyed to his two sons Amilcare and Remigio who, after various experiences in constructing building machines, designed in 1960 the first self-propelled mow-picker for the picking up of green fodder for bovine feeding. This machine was an absolute innovation and contributedsubstantially to launch the name DE PIETRI on all markets, that appreciatedatabove all the reliability of a firm that was always ready for innovations and completely at its customers' service.

At present the firm management has been taken over by the sons Fernando and Galeano who are at the guidance of ahighly prepared and qualified staff to grant to all products coming out the factory of Vezzano sul Crostolo an extremely high care on each detail.

In addition to the traditional self-propelled mow-picker for green fodder the present production articulates in a wide range of machines with one single denominator: quality.


  • frontal mower-conditioners with work breadth of mt, 2,40/2,80/3,20
  • self-propelled hydrostatic mower-conditioners with work breadth of mt. 3,20 with 140 hp
  • selfpropelled mow-pickers for forage withengines of 100 hp.
  • selfpropelled mow-pickers for industry greens (spinach, parsley,basil,officinal herbs,etc.) withengines from 100 hp to 140 hp.
  • reversible steerage tractors with 100 hp, built on New Holland mechanics