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  • Water Potential Instruments

    Water potential describes the force that drives water movement. It is the most fundamental and essential measurement in soil physics.

  • AquaSorp Isotherm Generator

    AquaSorp Isotherm Generator

    The Aquasorp IG brings click and read efficiency to soil isotherms. In 24 to 48 hours, Aquasorp generates ip to 200 points ( range -5 to -500 MPa) to create a soil moisture release curve (water potential vs. water content). The aquasorp creates both a wetting and drying curve to identify any potential hysteresis in a soil. Whether you are studying adsorption/desorption characteristics or characterizing soil expansion, the Aquasorp will provide the...

  • Stomatal Conductance / Porometry Instruments

  • Ceptometer PAR/LAI Instruments

  • Suction Cup

  • Model LP-80 - AccuPAR

    Model LP-80 - AccuPAR

    Measure Canopy PAR: The AccuPAR is a lightweight, portable PAR sensor wand that lets you measure canopy PAR interception at any location within a canopy. PAR data can be used with other climate data to estimate biomass production without destroying the crop. PAR is also important in determining other canopy processes, like radiation interception, energy conversion, momentum, gas exchange, precipitation interception, and evapotranspiration.

  • Model SK20  - Suction Cup

    Model SK20 - Suction Cup

    SK20 simple ceramic cup with removable shaft. For continuous and discontinuous extraction. Suitable for determination of nitrate and common organic and inorganic substances.

  • Vacuum Systems

  • Water Potential Sensors

    Water potential describes the force that drives water movement. It is the most fundamental and essential measurement in soil physics.

  • Environmental Sensors

    Use these environmental sensors to characterize water movement beyond the soil. Useful for environmental modelling, completing a water balance, and just generally describing how water is moving through the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.

  • Leaf Wetness Sensor

    Leaf Wetness Sensor

    Detect wetness and ice formation with a sensor that closely mimics the wetness state of real leaves. No painting or user calibration required. Plug-and-read with the Em50 series of data loggers.

  • Continuous Data Loggers

    Looking for a logger to power your sensors and read and store the measurement data? The Em50 series simplifies data logging because it's: Pre-programmed. No user programming necessary. Powered by 5 AA batteries. No external power source required. Weatherproof. No extra enclosure needed.

  • Em50G Wireless Cellular Data Logger

    Em50G Wireless Cellular Data Logger

    Em50 data logger with cellular connectivity. Check on your data logger and view your data from virtually anywhere in the world. Wireless cell modem automatically sends data to an internet server four times a day. Two year data plan included in initial purchase; after that, requires an annual fee.

  • Em50R Wireless Radio Data Logger

    Em50R Wireless Radio Data Logger

    Em50 data logger with radio connectivity. Transmit data wirelessly from the Em50R to a computer over intermediate (1-3 mile) distances. Can connect multiple logger nodes to a single central data station. Limited range, but no annual costs for data plan subscription.

  • Environmental Monitoring Systems

  • Irrigation Monitoring System

    Irrigation Monitoring System

    Know When to Turn it On: Most irrigation systems rely exclusively on soil moisture sensors. Soil moisture sensors can't tell you how much of the water that's present is actually available to plants. This system uses an MPS-1 matric potential sensor to measure plant available water so you know when to turn the water ON. Know When to Turn it Off: Fast-response soil moisture sensors let you track plant water use in real time and set an accurate full...

  • Lysimeters & Infiltrometers

  • Suction Cups & Pore Water Sampling

    Suction Cups & Pore Water Sampling

    Monitor Soil Water Contamination: Sampling and testing soil pore water provides infomration about chemicals and chemical movement below the ground surface. Pore water samplers provide an early detection system for leaching, drainage, and leakage problems. Standard sampler length is 30 cm. Also available in 60, 90, 120, 160, and 200 cm lengths.

  • Water Potential

  • Decagon - Model MPS-6 - Calibrated Water Potential Sensor

    Decagon - Model MPS-6 - Calibrated Water Potential Sensor

    The MPS-6 is a matrix water potential sensor that provides long term, maintenance-free soil water potential and temperature readings at any depth without sensitivity to salts. The range of the MPS-6 goes from field capacity to air dry. Lab and field tests indicate that it can make accurate measurements at water potentials at least as dry as permanent wilting point.