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  • Greenhouse Heating Systems

    Greenhouse Heating Systems

    One of the largest costs of operation is heating. DeCloet has developed some of the industry's best design solutions to lower your heating costs and DeCloet's design team can assist you in determining which system is right for your greenhouse operation and budget. There are many styles of greenhouse heating available to growers.

  • Greenhouse Bench Systems

    Greenhouse Bench Systems

    Space is one of the ultimate concerns of any grower. More product, more profit. Maximize the available space in your greenhouse with a DeCloet benching system. Whether you choose a stationary or rolling style bench, DeCloet will customize the system to give you the most production space available. Our benches can be surface mounted to the floor for ease of moving or set into the concrete for permanent stability. All of our benches now feature...

  • Venlo Greenhouse

    Venlo Greenhouse

    DeCloet's world standard Venlo Greenhouses combines European design and experience with North American engineering. It offers our clients a structure capable of withstanding extreme climate conditions with long term protection. DeCloet Greenhouse Mfg Ltd is proud to supply our world class Venlo structure with the latest in design for maximum light transmission and a lifetime of successful production.With tempered glass roof and aluminum glazing system...