DecoNova is specialized in the sales, propagation and breeding of disbudded chrysanthemums for indoor and outdoor production. We have the best selections of the varieties which are suitable for these cultures. Are you looking for cuttings of 'classic' varieties like Hanenburg, Alec Bedser, Gompie, Beppie, Rivalry, Shoesmith, Tom Pearce, Migoli, Riga, Creamist, Inga, Eleonora, Boris Becker or Ping Pong? Then you have found the right company. DecoNova can deliver several varieties from breeding companies like Fides (FGB), Dekker, Royal van Zanten, Deliflor and Armada so you can always have access to a complete assortment. Our variety list holds more than 150 different chrysanthemum varieties suitable for disbudding, so the one you are looking for will definitely be amongst them.

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NOORDLIERWEG 18 B , DELIER , 2678 LV Netherlands

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Internationally (various countries)

DecoNova is specialized in the propagation of chrysanthemum cuttings especially for natural season production. Although recently founded in 2008 the staff of DecoNova has a lot of experience in this area. We are convinced that together with you we can make your production a success. The Dutch market is an important one for our products. But we also have a strong position in neighbouring countries like: United-Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Belgium and France.

DecoNova is a 100% daughter company of Armada. While Armada is specialized in the sales, propagation and breeding of chrysanthemums for all year round culture, DecoNova is focussed on natural season production. Though there are similarities with ayr production we think it is necessary to have all activities for the production of natural season mums in a dedicated company. The production of mother plants and cuttings has a sharp peak, cultivation takes place in a completely different environment and the growing characteristics of the suitable varieties are totally different. The disbudded chrysanthemum varieties for indoor and outdoor production are the speciality of our company but the spray and santini types are becoming more and more important. Recently we have taken over all Florelite activities in this area.

DecoNova can also be an interesting partner for your company as we have access to:

- African produced cuttings of top quality
- fresh selections of existing varieties
- latest (and older) varieties of chrysanthemum breeding companies like Fides(FGB), Dekker, Deliflor, Royal van Zanten 
  and Armada Breeding
- rooted cuttings produced in optimum conditions 
- in vitro chrysanthemums
- professional production advice