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  • Laser Scaler System

    Laser Scaler System

    When understanding the size of objects or specimens is critical to your task, the Deep Trekker Laser Scaler is an ideal tool. Perfect for the aquaculture industry to track fish sizes, the Laser Scaler sends our two laser beams 25 mm apart from above the camera. Customize your Deep Trekker ROV Package for your specific needs with these available add-ons. Add-ons must be selected at time of purchase, or by sending back your unit to the Deep...

  • Single Aux Camera

    Single Aux Camera

    Take underwater inspections to a new level.  ROV pilots get additional views that include left/right side, above and below camera angles. This option is a valuable addition for bridge, infrastructure, fish net or wall inspections and a number of other applications. Easily toggle between 1 camera at a time through the hand-held controller for viewing and recording of the selected camera.