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  • Grain Storage Systems

  • Flat Bottom Grain Storage Silos

    Flat Bottom Grain Storage Silos

    The roof of the silos have a 30 degrees slope angle. This angle is nearly 2 degrees less than the filling angle of the grain. By this difference, there would be no grain load at the roof either the silo is full to its top. And a space occur between the grain layer and the inner part of the silo roof. By this space, the grain and steel sheet do not touch each other and no condensation occurs because of the difference between inner and...

  • Hopper Bottom Grain Storage Silos

    Hopper Bottom Grain Storage Silos

    DEHŞETİLER® manufactures hopper bottom grain storage silos at high quality besides flat bottom grain storage silos. This type of silos are used mostly as humid grain silos before drying, and mill silos before processing for fast discharge. This type of silos are manufactured up to 2.000 tons wheat capacity. There 2 types of Hopper Bottom Grain Storage Silos: Farm type and Commercial Type Hopper Bottom...

  • Grain Handling Equipments

  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    Bucket elevators are used for vertical handling of grain. They are manufactured in various capacities and heights. DEHŞETİLER® use high strength plastic buckets on the elevator manufacturing. The rubber belt have high carrying capacity. Bucket elevators are manufactured from hot dip galvanized steel sheets. Thanks to completely bolt-nut assembly bucket elevator mounting is so easy.

  • Chain Conveyors

    Chain Conveyors

    Chain conveyors are used for horizontal handling of grain. Conveyor chain is heat threated and case hardened with press-fir joints. Uhmw plastic pedals are mounted on high tensile strength conveyor those plastic pedals, friction inside the conveyor is reduced so the required power is also reduced helping conveyor efficiency. Also, by those plastic pedals, steel to steel contact is eliminated.

  • Model DMI CBC Series - Closed Band Conveyor

    Model DMI CBC Series - Closed Band Conveyor

    Closed type belt conveyors desired product, the desired distance horizontal transport process yapmaktadırlar.ilet my drums on the band are provided with drive pulley to prevent skidding rubber kaplanmıştır.iç surface against wear of polyethylene material kullanılmıştır.bak and for cleaning in the appropriate places surveillance cover açılmıştır.sste I galvanized and consists of...

  • Compact Feed Mills

    Compact Feed Mills

    DEHŞETİLER® manufactures compact feed mills. Including the pelleting line, DEHŞETİLER® offers turnkey solutions.

  • Hangars


    DEHŞETİLER® manufactures hangars for flat storage. They are manufactured as isolated or without isolation at different types.