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  • Switch-N-Go - Dump Body

    Switch-N-Go - Dump Body

    Our Switch-N-Go dump body is available in six standard lengths, from 9 to 14 feet long, as well as two classes, standard and heavy duty. These dump bodies all come with our top quality powder coated finish which is boosted by our triple stage wash to ensure proper curing and rust resistance.

  • Switch-N-Go - Detachable Truck Body System

    Switch-N-Go - Detachable Truck Body System

    The Switch-N-Go® body changing system allows you to interchange truck bodies simply and easily in a matter of minutes.  You can set a loaded body on the ground or pick up a loaded body.

  • Switch-N-Go - Platform Body

    Switch-N-Go - Platform Body

    The Switch-N-Go platform body is built to the high quality standards that our company has brought to the truck equipment industry for years. Switch-N-Go® platform bodies also known as flatbed or equipment bodies are available in seven standard lengths, from 9 to 15 feet long. Companies that deliver equipment either to customers or to a job site can’t get enough of the Switch-N-Go system when it is paired with multiple platform or flatbed...