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  • Mobile Cereal Feeders

  • Delimbe - Model 70 or 120 Liters - Mobile Cereal Feeder

    Delimbe - Model 70 or 120 Liters - Mobile Cereal Feeder

    We offer two models: 70 or 120 lits. The turbine and the adjustment system are still the same, the capacity only changes. Electric motor 12 volts. Flow adjustable from 0 to 50 kg/minute. Projection is either to the side, over a width of 10 metres or to the rear of the vehicle. Width sowing: near 10 metres. Fitted on the quad rack, or on a 4x4, etc… Used for corn, peas, or other cereals. Sold complete with electric control box in cabin.

  • Electric Blower Seeds Drills

  • Delimbe - Model T15 - Microgralutor

    Delimbe - Model T15 - Microgralutor

    Insecticide sowing, fitted on corn drill, sunflower, beet-root, etc. Electric flow control and blower. 80,120 or 200 litres hopper capacity. Distribution by rotor and blower. 5,6,7,8 or 9 issues available. The flow is adjustable in cabin by an electronic command. Sow insecticide, against nails, vine weed-killer, starter fertilizer, slug pellets in the streak field. Flexible pipes in option. option: GPS command: electronic command box which calculate...

  • Electric Road or Cereal Forage Salters

  • Delimbe - Model T11 - Electric Salter

    Delimbe - Model T11 - Electric Salter

    Electric salter for road DELIMBE. Working width  4 metres. Distribution plate and no ending screw working with a 12 volts motors. Electronic opening-closing command of the hopper. Control command box included in cabin. Graduated scale from 0 to 30. Aluminium chassis and polyethylene hopper 70,120,250 or 400litres. Fitted at the back of the vehicle. Used with dry or wet salt. Speed using between 5 to 15kms/hour. Exists also with a trolley with...

  • Electric Fertilizer Spreaders

  • Delimbe - Electric Fertilizer Drill for Quad

    Delimbe - Electric Fertilizer Drill for Quad

    Electric fertilizer drill for quad: 70 or 120 litres hopper. Working width 12 metres. The flow is adjustable from 0 to 2000 kg/hour (included a graduated scale from 0 to 50). A control command box is included. The working width is adjustable from 3 to 12 metres using an electronic control box (optional). Electronic opening-closing command of the hopper included. Suitable to access to very wet land in the spring: wet areas of fields, edges of woods,...

  • Special Stubble Clearers

  • Delimbe - Stubble Cultivator

    Delimbe - Stubble Cultivator

    Sowing small seeds behind a stubble cultivator. Polyethylene hopper of 120 litres, easy adjustment with graduations from 0 to 35, flow from 0 to 300 kg/hour. Operates with two 12v electric motors. Fitted on the chassis of stubble cultivator (pre-drilled holes), project very close behind the soil-tool and in front of the roller, adjustable from 2.5 to 5 metres. Included an electronic opening-closing command of the hopper. Grass cover possible as the...