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  • Akron Baggers & Unloaders

  • Akron - Model 9250 - Grain Bagger

    Akron - Model 9250 - Grain Bagger

    Dual hydraulic disc brakes are controlled by a single crank. This simple crank and pressure gauge ensures the bagger to move straight and fill the bag evenly. The self-contained bag loader mechanism prevents climbing on the tunnel to install the bag.

  • Akron - Model EG 180T - Bag Unloader

    Akron - Model EG 180T - Bag Unloader

    Can move from field to transport quicker and unloads at 6000 bushels per hour. The 16” auger hydraulically folds down for more compact transporting.

  • Mainero Baggers & Unloaders

  • Mainero - Model 2230 - Grain Bagger

    Mainero - Model 2230 - Grain Bagger

    Mainero 2230 Grain Bagger and Mainero 2330 Extractor. Mainero 2230 grain bagger features: Dual hydraulic disc brake pressure control is regulated by one single valve. This constant and even pressure controls the bagger so it moves straight and fills the bag evenly. Oversized filling hopper can be offset to load grain in hopper more easily. The see-through window on the filling hopper makes for easy viewing while filling bagger....

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  • Grain Bags

    Grain Bags

    Once a grain is bagged, the bag consumes the available oxygen and produces carbon dioxide, thus suppressing the respiratory process and assuring an optimum preservation. This new atmosphere keeps stable over time, preventing the development of proliferation of fungi and insects as well as the increase in grain temperature. Some grains can be stored in airtight bags at slightly higher moisture levels than what is considered safe for storage in bins.