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  • Horticulture

    On the bench or on the greenhouse floor, Delta T’s radiant heating systems offer the grower distinct advantages, including accelerated rooting and plant growth, as well as 20-30% fuel savings over conventional forced air heating. Maximum soil and plant temperature control combine with the ability to create different temperature zones for the ultimate in flexible growing. And because radiant systems heat objects first and air last, people stay warmer and more comfortable, and in the cas

  • Delta-Tube - Model EPDM SD - Rubber Tube Bench Heating

    Delta-Tube - Model EPDM SD - Rubber Tube Bench Heating

    This bench system heats the greenhouse starting at the soil level. Heat rising from the bench warms the soil and the plant roots. Tubing spaced 2 to 3 inches apart provides even soil temperatures, which prove extremely beneficial to propagators. Seed germinators and plug producers have found that by heating the soil, they achieve a higher germination rate and quicker production time. Growers have found a reduction in rooting cuts by heating the soil...

  • Delta-Tub - Model EPDM LD - Rubber Tube Ground (Sand, Soil or Gravel) Heating

    Delta-Tub - Model EPDM LD - Rubber Tube Ground (Sand, Soil or Gravel) Heating

    Similar in concept to the DELTA-TUBE EPDM SD system, with the same productivity and fuel saving advantages, this hot water heating system with its 4 to 6 inch tube spacing is the system of choice for starter houses. It also excels in the nursery industry for general growing. Growers using this system for heating soil or nutrient bags of tomatoes and cucumbers have shown a 50% increase in yield. Grape growers have found a quicker and more even...

  • Delta-Tube - Model PEX - Tube Floor Heating

    Delta-Tube - Model PEX - Tube Floor Heating

    The Delta-Tube PEX heating system heats the greenhouse from the floor by running hot water through a grid of durable, cross-linked high-density polyethylene polymer tubing installed in the concrete. Using the concrete floor as a radiant surface, heat radiates from the floor into the greenhouse and directly to the plants. The direct contact between the root zone and the warm floor provides for maximum soil and plant temperature control, resulting in...

  • Greenhouse Heat Sources

    Centralized or localized? Together, that’s the first question we need to answer when it comes to heating your greenhouse. Centralized systems typically use a boiler to generate heat in one spot. Piping is then used to distribute the heat throughout the greenhouse. Centralized systems are often more efficient for large operations. However, the cost of installing and maintaining one can be high, and difficult to justify for smaller operations. These systems generally distribute heat as e

  • Sterling - Model HS - Hot Water Unit Heaters

    Sterling - Model HS - Hot Water Unit Heaters

    Sterling model “HS” horizontal unit heaters are available in both serpentine and header designs. Serpentine units offer outputs from 8030 to 35,900 BTUs and are ideal for hot water installations with limited clearances. Header type horizontal units range from 18,000 to 360,000 BTUs, and can operate with either hot water or steam. Both units come standard with totally enclosed motors. Explosion-proof motors are also available.