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  • Greenhouse

  • Multi-tunnel Greenhouses

    Multi-tunnel Greenhouses

    MultiArt technical innovation with its Gothic style - Its shape allows a significant increase in performance: more light, more resistance, lack of fall and higher production. The structures are manufactured according to UNI, they are original and patented. The materials used are galvanized Sendzimir or hot dipped galvanized.

  • Cristal Greenhouse

    Cristal Greenhouse

    Suitable for all types of applications, glass greenhouses are very resistant and have excellent results in low light areas. This type of greenhouse greenhouses allow you to have fully sealed and fully automated heating and climate control. The material used is all hot dip galvanized.

  • Solar Panels Greenhouses

    Solar Panels Greenhouses

    Part of the roof surface is formed with photovoltaic panels. The minimum height is 2 / 2, 5 meters, the maximum height is 5.5 / 6 meters with an average slope gradient of 25° The ventilation is ensured on both sides. The side opening allows for ventilation and helps to perfect the optimum cooling of the panels also ensures an adequate level of internal light in the greenhouse.

  • Irrigation Products

  • Grenhouses Irrigation System

    Grenhouses Irrigation System

    All models can aspire and mix one to eight fertilizer and concentrates of two acid or base solutions. EVOJET provides a dual measurement and control pH and EC (2 +2). The basic model controls 24 valves that can be expanded up to 144. Each set of valves can be working with 32 differents formulas. A control system for precision in the flow line can control the irrigation timer. Irrigation management can be done with various programs. There are also...

  • Nets

  • Nonwoven Fabric

    Nonwoven Fabric

    Allows forward crops and provides protection in winter. Better crops through optimum growth of plants. Protective climate barrier. Temperature and humidity management. Good water permeability. The use of this non woven fabric for both biological and thermal control of crops. It is used both in greenhouse and outdoor crops. Especially recommended for outdoor crops such as lettuce, melon, spinach, etc.

  • Shading Nets

    Shading Nets

    Deltalene has a wide range of Shading Nets, they are made of polyethylene. They are specially designed to provide three effects: Control the sunlight falling on the ground. Control the temperature in the growing area. Regulate the air flow inside the greenhouse. With this shading nets you ensure that your crops will not suffer any damages from sunlight and can safely adapt your growing periods.