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  • Challenger Products

  • Challenger - Model MT600E Series - Row Crop Tractors

    Challenger - Model MT600E Series - Row Crop Tractors

    With more power, efficiency and comfort than ever before, the MT600E is seriously on a roll. An AGCO POWER™ 84 designed solely for the demands of agricultural applications produces big torque down low where it counts. With redesigned cooling and hydraulic systems ready for the pressures of any job, it’s built to set new benchmarks for productivity.

  • Morris Products

  • Morris - Model C2 Contour - Air Drill

    Morris - Model C2 Contour - Air Drill

    The next generation C2 Contour lets you cut through trash and makes opener adjustments easier.  The independent opener features parallel linkage for ultra-precise seed and fertilizer placement.  Adjustable packing pressure lets you pull through damp spots. Available in narrow transport models of 25 feet and 31 feet up to large five-frame 86 feet models.

  • Kubota Products

  • Kubota - Model BX25D - Tractor

    Kubota - Model BX25D - Tractor

    The BX25D is equipped with a 23 HP diesel engine. This 3-cylinder workhorses offers unparalleled power for a tractor this size, and more than enough muscle for all your gardening and mowing duties.