Devenish Nutrition Limited

Devenish Nutrition Limited

Devenish Nutrition is a leading edge agri-technology company Headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with production facilities in Widnes and Killamarsh in the UK and Maquoketa and Iowa in the US. We are a company dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of quality premixes, pre-starters, starters and concentrates together with speciality products for the intensive livestock sector.

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Lagan House, 19 Clarendon Road , Belfast , BT1 3BG Northern Ireland

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)

We are 100% independent and are driven by customer satisfaction.

Devenish Nutrition is a leader in developing and offering nutritional solutions to the challenges faced by livestock producers and owners of companion & leisure animals. Our principal objective is to develop stronger relationships with customers, suppliers, managers and staff, funders, investors and shareholders whilst creating value with every interaction. The businesses philosophy is summarised through the 4 I's: We are Innovative, we are International, we are Independent and deliver our business offering with Integrity.

Innovative - At Devenish Nutrition we are innovative in terms of our products and services. As well as our range of premixes, pre-starters, starters and concentrates, we have a range of speciality products that bring something new to the industry. We do not simply manufacture feed, we provide tailored solutions to our customers specific problems to improve the quality of their animals.

International - Headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Devenish Nutrition has production facilities in Belfast, Widnes and Sheffield in the UK and Minnesota and Iowa in the United States. Through our distributors and worldwide customers, Devenish Nutrition now supply products to over 25 countries globally.

Independent - Devenish Nutrition is a privately owned company and so is not shareholder driven. Our focus is on building long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Through these valued relationships, together we will build on our success for the future.

Integrity - We at Devenish believe that a key ingredient of long term business relationships is the integrity of the business offering. To that end, we place the upmost importance on our reputation within the marketplace. Our reputation is build on our ability to deliver for our customers, and the foundation of that ability is to always deliver with an honesty and consistency of character.

We have nearly 60 years of experience in the industry and believe that the agri-industry can only progress by investing heavily in R&D, something that the current management team have fully supported since they took over the business in 1997

Our team use the results of these projects in a number of ways…

  • To create manufacture, license and bolt together products and services that are complete, create value and are of the highest quality possible
  • To publish our findings in peer-reviewed scientific papers and booklets for customers

Devenish Feeds, founded in 1952 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, provided products and services to the agricultural sector mainly through home mixers and the feed industry in the Irish market. Since then, Devenish has developed from being a trading based company to one in which over 90% of our sales are now derived from our own manufactured products.

Our current management team acquired the company in 1997 and changed the company name from Devenish Feeds to Devenish Nutrition. Devenish Nutrition’s strategy is to grow the business substantially across multiple species and geographical boundaries. This strategy has been driven by major investments in plant & machinery and human resource. Substantial investments continue to be made in our research and development and technical capabilities, resulting in a more complete and value driven service to our customers. Devenish Nutrition has also introduced a number of innovative specialised products which are developed and manufactured in house.

As part of our strategy to grow across geographical borders, Devenish Nutrition acquired two manufacturing plants in the US with the capability to replicate what we do in our home market business. We have locations in Maquoketa, Iowa and Fairmont, Minnesota as well as a number of key distributors throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle and Far East.

Today we manufacture well in excess of 1,500 metric tonnes per week across three production sites, which are sold and delivered to over 40 countries worldwide and to over 20 states within the US.

We create value by developing and supplying quality nutrition products and solutions, new technologies and distinctive customer support to the Agri-Food sector in our chosen market.

To be world renowned for our creativity and integrity in the field of agri-technology and for our value adding products and services.