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  • Digbits Bucket Range

  • Digbits Hardox - Model XHD  - Extreme Heavy Duty Rock Bucket

    Digbits Hardox - Model XHD - Extreme Heavy Duty Rock Bucket

    Available for all sizes of excavator, Rock Buckets will withstand far higher impact and abrasion than standard or HD spec. They are particularly important on larger machines - 20 T upwards - where machine tearout power is more than capable of destroying buckets in hard ground. Call us for more details.

  • Digbits - V-Ditching Buckets

    Digbits - V-Ditching Buckets

    Built to order, to suit the dimensions of ditch you require, for any size of excavator or mini. V-Ditching Buckets can be made for any size of excavator, and are extremely useful for forming and maintaining ditches. We manufacture these attachments to suit your requirements.

  • Specialist Attachments

  • Digbits Hardox - Heavy Duty Ripper Teeth

    Digbits Hardox - Heavy Duty Ripper Teeth

    An essential piece of kit for all minis and 360os, the ripper teeth BUY NOW! On our secure online storemakes light work of hard or rocky ground. Ripping ground prior to digging will greatly reduce wear and stress on both bucket and machine, and speed up cycle times. All our ripper shanks are cut from high-wear, high yield-strength Hardox steel. Fitted with replaceable CAT type tip.

  • Digbits - Clay Spades

    Digbits - Clay Spades

    Useful for any excavator digging narrow trenches, in wet or sticky ground conditions. We can make clayspades in any normal bucket width, for almost any excavator. Normally provded without teeth because clay is easy to dig, teeth can be quoted as an optional extra. Call us to discuss your requirements.