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  • AgriNIR - Model NIR - Portable Forage Analyzer

    AgriNIR - Model NIR - Portable Forage Analyzer

    AgriNIR is a portable NIR forage analyzer that quantifies the percentage of moisture (dry matter), crude protein, starch, ADF, NDF and ash of the plant material being analyzed in seconds. Now you can analyze the feed for your livestock everyday and adjust your cow’s the diet in real time. Farmers and nutritionists, a well as consultants will be able to perform a full analysis of their forage on site (stall, silage pit, field), in any weather and...

  • AGRI Solutions

  • Grain Cart Weighing System

    Grain Cart Weighing System

    A complete system for the optimal control of the cart as well as of the weighing during the harvesting process with the automatic control of the unloading doors (CODAC™) all the way up to the data management with the dedicated software. Thought to deliver optimal and immediate benefits to the producer as well as to the contractor.

  • Precision Feeding

  • Feed Mixer

    Feed Mixer

    Reliable, accurate and high-tech weighing system for feed mixer

  • Taurus  - Cattle Weighing System

    Taurus - Cattle Weighing System

    Taurus weighing system is made up of a set of reliable and long lasting components that are able to work in the most rugged and harshest environments. It can be used to weigh cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, goats, buffalos and so on. The weigh bars are suitable for an easy installation under squeeze chute or platforms, and their IP68 protection grade (water full immersion protection) allows for the best product on the market against dirt and moisture....