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  • Nets for Fish Farming

  • Diopas - Nylon Fish Farming Nets

    Diopas - Nylon Fish Farming Nets

    We manufacture nylon fish farming cages of all types. depending on the needs and requirements of each fish farming company. the nets that we are use are of excellent quality and are UV resistant.

  • Diopas Dyneema - Nylon Fish Farming Nets

    Diopas Dyneema - Nylon Fish Farming Nets

    We manufacture Dyneema fish nets, of all types, depending on the needs and requirements of each unit. The Dyneema we use comes from DSM, Netherlands. It is an excellent material, which is resistant to bites of sea bream and cod. The Dynnema much lighter than Nylon for the same strength thread. For fish cages we use nets with hexagonal or square mesh.

  • Diopas - Harvesting-Sweep Nets

    Diopas - Harvesting-Sweep Nets

    The fish farms need nets to gather, collect and seperate the fish kept in cages. DIOPAS SA manufactures sweep nets and harvesting nets. Having extensive experience in manufacturing of nets, designs depending on the needs of each unit specific harvesting nets by adding the appropriate materials, such as cork, lead Line, flexi-panel etc.

  • Diopas - Vaccination Bags

    Diopas - Vaccination Bags

    DIOPAS SA, manufactures vaccination bags, according to the needs of fish farming. Our experience, enables us to recomend the appropriate structure, with appropriate materials for every need.

  • Diopas - Tuna Nets

    Diopas - Tuna Nets

    DIOPAS SA manufactures fish cages for Tuna farms, according to customer requirements for towing and fattening of tuna. DIOPAS SA has the proper experience in the manufacturing of fish cages, which is in accordance with the specifications and requirements of Australian fish farmers.

  • Nets for Fishing

  • Diopas - Nylon Multifilament Nets

    Diopas - Nylon Multifilament Nets

    Our company manufactures and offers all kinds of Nylon Multifilament nets, in various thicknesses thread and for any kind of fishing. Offers trammel nets and gill nets. The nets are available as pieces and complete nets with ropes, floats. floatropes, leadlines, ready for fishing.

  • Diopas - Nets for Purse Seine

    Diopas - Nets for Purse Seine

    We have all kinds of nets for purse seiners. Also manufacture pieces purse seine nets, joined (by hand) together, for integration into the main net seiners.

  • Ready for Fishing Trawl Nets

    Ready for Fishing Trawl Nets

    Our company designs (with Special Software) specially trawls for trawlers from various Materials according to the needs of each vessel. We have the ability in our company's facilities to simulate each trawl net in order the fishermen to be seen the perfomance of the new trawl net before the construction and before place it, in the sea bottom.The new trawl nets reduce fuel consumption until 30%.

  • Wire Ropes-Mixed Ropes

    Wire Ropes-Mixed Ropes

    We offer all kinds wire ropes like 6x19 for the purse seiners and 6x7 or 7x7 for the trawlers. We offer all kinds of mixed ropes for the trawlers with Polyester, PP Danline etc.