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  • Air Brake Systems for Tractor Units

    Air Brake Systems for Tractor Units

    Tietjen provides air brake systems for almost all types of renowned manufacturers. More than 5,000 different variants have been developed to-date.

  • Air Brake System for Trailer

    Air Brake System for Trailer

    Tietjen provides individual solutions for trailer air brake systems customised to each trailer type. Particular customer requirements are always taken into consideration. Prerequisite for the correct design of individual components is the brake calculation.

  • Air Brake Systems for Telescopic Loaders

    Air Brake Systems for Telescopic Loaders

    Telescopic loaders have become indispensable in the agricultural sector. They must be equipped with an air brake system if they are to be used as road tractors. Tietjen provides the perfect solutions for numerous types.

  • Harvester of Agricultural Machines

    Harvester of Agricultural Machines

    Tietjen works for and with the praxis. Especially in the agricultural sector, it is particularly important that a coordination takes place with the manufacturers of harvesting machines and the contractors. Cleaning and maintenance can only be optimized if the systems are placed in an optimal way. Unnecessary downtime and failure rates are to be avoided.

  • Air Compression Systems

    Air Compression Systems

    Constant coordination with manufacturers and distributors as well as our close contact to the end users ensures optimal solutions. In air compression system in particular, it is very important that the systems are well designed and the components optimally function as the machines are utilised only in a very narrow time window.

  • Knotter Cleaning Systems for Presses

    Knotter Cleaning Systems for Presses

    Tietjen offers various types of cleaning systems. They include knotter cleaning systems for presses: Efficient cleaning of the knotters during pressing ensures less downtime in the field. The cleaning intervals are adjustable via the optional timing relay. This function may also be fully integrated in the machine's software (operator panel).

  • Trailer Hitch Retrofits

    Trailer Hitch Retrofits

    In addition to the standard air brake systems for agricultural and construction machinery, Tietjen also offers trailer hitch systems for retrofitting. Solutions have been developed for several types. We will gladly create an individual proposal for you. Simply download, complete and return the 'Trailer hitch data sheet' below.

  • Tietjen - Kits

    Tietjen - Kits

    Tietjen offers a huge palette of various kits for brake systems, including system expansions with an additional air coupling, for example, or system optimisation by installing an air dryer kit. See our online catalogue for more details about our kits and solutions.